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Kingsway Home Health Services, Inc.
7115 North Ridge Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois 60645
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Phone: (773) 761-8342
Fax:     (773) 761-3388

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
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Pediatric Home Health Care


Kingsway home health is committed to providing children and families with a healthy and nurturing
environment, so that each child can grow developmentally and reach their highest potential.

The goals of Kingsway Pediatric Home Health Care Team are to:

Provide an environment of normalization in the home and community.

  • Decrease the impact of the child’s disability.
  • Encourage growth and development through interaction and educational activities.
  • Develop realistic routines to foster coordinated home health care.
  • Respect the roles of each family member and encourage participation in care and decisions.

Kingsway’s Home Health Mission Statement:

  • To provide the highest quality of nursing care and compassion to pediatric patients in their home while respecting
    each child and families individual needs.
  • Provide a schedule which is individualized for each child to assist in their specific needs.
  • Develop a professional and supportive environment that promotes competency through education and training.
  • Why Choose Kingsway

    At Kingsway Home Health services, Inc. We pride ourselves on having qualified and dedicated caregivers. Our mission begins with a commitment to the unique needs of your child as well as your family. We are committed to the promise of quality care for your children with a promise of compassion and excellence.

    Kingsway Home Health Services, Inc. provides at home medical services and technology support needed to care for high-risk newborns and children with acute or chronic health needs.

    As a parent, you not only gain peace of mind knowing your child is receiving top quality healthcare, you also gain time and energy to balance caring for your other children, going to work, and resuming the rhythm of family life.

    Each member of our exceptional staff of RN’s, LPN’s and Nurse Managers have all been rigorously trained in pediatrics and have extensive home care experience. They know and understand the importance of delivering individualized care to meet each child’s specific needs.

    Kingsway believes by implementing these tools, they result in decreased Emergency Room visits, reduced admissions, and an all around improved quality of life for your child, as well as for your family.

    Committed To Quality Service

    Kingsway Home Health Services, Inc. Provides comprehensive Pediatric skilled private duty nursing services to children in the comfort of your home. Our nurses are experienced in all levels of care, specializing in the pediatric population. Our nurses are trained on the LTV 1150 ventilator, tracheostomy, and G button care.

    Private duty nursing allows parents of children who are challenged by developmental or behavioral disabilities as well as those with short or long term health needs, to have qualified pediatric trained nurses in their home to care for their child up to 24 hours/day, 7 days per week. At Kingsway Home Health Services, Inc. our RN and Care Managers work closely with you and your child’s physician to determine the appropriate nursing schedule and treatment plan for your child’s unique needs.

    Every staff member is fully trained in Client Rights, and HIPPA. Each nurse receives proper orientation and training necessary to perform the required tasks, individually suited to our client’s personal and medical needs.

    COur Services

    We only hire the most skilled, compassionate and professional pediatric nurses to treat children with special needs. Our services include but not limited to:

    • Ventilators/Tracheostomies
    • G Buttons/NGT/G-Tubes and feeding pumps
    • Oxygen/Pulse oximetry needs
    • Nebulizer treatments, CPAP/BI-PAP
    • Respiratory insufficiency and chronic lung disease
    • Neurological deficits and syndromes. Severe developmental delays.
    • Disease management and medication administration

    Common Statistics

    • Disabled children of all ages are dependent on their parents to meet their basic care and treatment needs.
    • One in two of the children under 2 years was dependent on some form of medical equipment.
    • Over four out of ten families said their housing was inappropriate for caring for a disabled child: difficult stairs, lack of space, and a cold and damp environment.
    • The most common unmet needs of the child related to learning skills, meeting physical needs, and having someone to discuss their child’s disability with. The most common unmet needs of the parents included were financial resources, help in planning the child’s future, help with daily care, and knowledge of available services.

    Caring for a disabled child

    A disabled child may have problems with feeding and eating which can be caused by:

    • Physical problems that cause difficulty swallowing, chewing, sucking or the digestion of foods.
    • Limited mobility, which can make it difficult to sit up to eat or drink.
    • A learning disability, which could make it a challenge to learn appropriate behavior at mealtimes.
    • It might take longer for your child to be able to feed themselves, but with nursing care will facilitate acquiring these skills.
    • Kingsway home health works collaboratively with early intervention to facilitate this process.

    Sleeping and your disabled child:

    If your child doesn’t sleep well it can impact the entire family.

    • Sleep problems can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as; muscle spasms or breathing difficulties, depending on their disability.
    • Some children do not understand the why they need to sleep.
    • Kingsway home health can work with the family and child to identify solutions.

    Challenging Behavior:

    • Behavior issues are common due to learning and sensory disabilities.
    • Communication through a variety of methods should be encouraged to alleviate the frustration.
    • Some disabilities result in little or no clear speech, or it may be too slow to develop.
    • Kingsway home health works with the child developmental level and encourages communication.